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A CONSORTIUM of Far East businessmen have put together a £1 BILLION deal to buy Manchester United.

The group of six billionaires have spent three months on a deal they hope is too good for Malcolm Glazer to reject.

Two consortium members are keen United fans who have twice visited Old Trafford this year to watch Sir Alex Ferguson and his players in Premier League action.

Based in Bangkok, the consortium wants to buy out the Glazer family and put an end to the financial balancing act which has engulfed the world's biggest football club.

A financial source in Bangkok said: "All the finances are in place and they are ready to approach the Glazers.

"They have done their homework down to the minutest detail and realise the Glazers are under pressure to service their mounting debts.

"If ever there was a time for United to be vulnerable to a buyout, it is now."

Our source added: "Make no mistake, this could be the biggest football deal of all time.

"Roman Abramovich's investment in Chelsea will be nothing compared to this. If the Glazers are ready to sell, the money is absolutely on the table."

The consortium would also be willing to take a part-share in United if the Glazers did not want to relinquish total control.
scourse - news of the world
about time the glazer fked off so we can get out of debt and jst consantrate on the football!
600 million in debt gone in an instant. GREAT
Would hope so to remove our debt man yeah
hmm, the yanks out, debt gone and a couple of hundred million to keep saf buying, WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO
Haha yeah man.
ya! .... Let that Debt disappear...
No need of big sigings..... but pressure free..
"i heared most of the united employee and workers are given Less wages and not getiing good facility.. the whole OT Atmosphere is affted by Owners Debt!..
And the emplyoees are nt allowed to watch the match etc!
"actualy our club value is 1.9 billion according to a evaluation/Review"(the valuble sports club in the world in 2009)...
Hope it Goes to a good hands.

"Recently owners beach mansion is SOld coz of his Debt poor guy"
United need the cash injection. Although I am a MUST member and like the rest of that group, we hope for a day when the club returns to the fans, I guess we must be realistic and know that to compete with the likes of Real Madrid, Barca, Chelski and the bitters, we need cashflow. I massive billion pound investment can only be a good thing in the current football market. We need to be able to compete in the transfer market and realistically, we cannot, despite the reports coming out of OT.
MANCHESTER United's owners have said the club is "not for sale" after reports circulated on Sunday that a Chinese consortium was set to launch a £1billion bid for the club.

Last week manager Sir Alex Ferguson said the Reds do have money to spend despite the hefty interest payments the club pay on their debt.

A Glazer spokesman told M.E.N. Sport the club was "not for sale". /manchesterevening

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