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2010 Championship Playoff Final
Cardiff City v. Blackpool
Final score, Cardiff City 2, Blackpool 3. Looks like they're making a comeback to the Premier League! Exciting match, Cardiff took the lead 2 times, and every time Blackpool equalized. All goals were in the first half. Close game, Cardiff City unlucky 'cause they got a great chance which hit the post. I guess we know who we will be facing next season.
Dont agree with play offs at all , why should a team who finishes sixth get a chance to play at Wembley and earn promotion , they havent earnt it and dont deserve it . Same goes with the Champions League , i would prefer league winners only , unseeded draws which go straight to knock out stages . Football has now become of secondary importance to money , the clubs have sold their soul and we are all now beginning pay the price .
And what I don't understand is that if you win the championship, you get the old division one trophy. you get promotion if you finish 2nd, but if you win the playoff, you get to climb the steps and get a trophy!! What's that all about? A trophy for coming 3rd???
or even 6th
For not winning, anyway. It's all wrong.

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