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Adnan Januzaj. What Allegiance?
I watched this lad a little when he was playing for the reserves/youth team and thought he was a little lightweight, but certainly talented. He had a storming pre-season and has rightfully earned his place in the 1st team squad. Except for Europe just now (he will be eligible after this week, I think?).

Anyway, there has been a whole lot of press interest around which country he should represent at international level. He was born in Brussels, so would be eligible to play for Belgium. However, he is of Albanian and Kosovan parents, so could rightfully play for either of those countries, too. While it would be amazing for England to have him in their set up, I can't see how he can play for us? Just because he has lived he for a few years, DOESN'T make him English, does it? Unlike the cricket team, I think FIFA's rules are a little more transparent.

I find myself agreeing with Jack Wilshere, who was reported in the press saying:

“If you live in England for five years it doesn’t make you English,’’

Januzaj, the Belgium-born son of Albanian-Kosovan parents who is also eligible for Turkey and Serbia, could play for England in 2018 under Fifa residency rules and the Football Association has taken tentative soundings about the Manchester United winger’s availability.

What do you think?
To date he has turned down the advances of Belgium, the land of his birth, and has not won a cap at any level for any country.

Januzaj qualifies for Albania through his Kosovan-Albanian parents, Turkey through his grandparents and Serbia as Kosovo's independence has not been recognised by the United Nations.
Adnan's dad enters the discussion:

Quote:The father of Adnan Januzaj, Abedin, has reacted with anger at comments made by Belgian national coach Marc Wilmots.

Januzaj is currently at the centre of an international tug of war, as Belgium - the place of his birth - Albania, Serbia, Turkey, Croatia and England - who could call him up in 2016 - have all expressed an interest in calling him up.

The 18-year-old, who has burst brilliantly onto the first-team scene at Manchester United, has never played international football for any nation and his father had previously suggested he would want to play regularly for whichever country he pledged his allegiance to.

Belgium have long been trying to convince Januzaj to play for them but over the weekend, Wilmots reacted to questions from Belgian broadcaster RTBF about Januzaj's desire to play.

"It is impossible to negotiate with me," he said.

"The boy was born in Belgium, should he say that he wants to play for Belgium - from there, there is no haggling. I'm not going to play that game.

"The kid is available? He wants to play? Then perfect, okay, show me.

"If you're at the top level in Manchester or elsewhere, show me your skills and if I need you I will call. I make no promises, to Januzaj or any person!"

Januzaj senior has now reacted with fury to the quotes from Wilmots and admits his quotes will not have helped Belgium's hopes of getting his son.

"This is shameless," he is quoted by a number of Belgian media outlets.

"We never reacted on selections, phone calls or letters from the Belgian FA.

"They are requesting his selection, not us. Wilmots' remarks won't make it easier now. We are angry about these comments."


It looks like it won't be Belgium, which is a shame for the lad, as they are probably the only ones with ANY chance of winning anything out of the choices he has.
From what I've read he is apparently interested in playing for Albania. I think Hodgson even made a statement saying that England are looking into it but I think it has been established that he can't be eligible for England.
(13-11-2013, 07:00 AM)SpiralArchitect Wrote: From what I've read he is apparently interested in playing for Albania. I think Hodgson even made a statement saying that England are looking into it but I think it has been established that he can't be eligible for England.

I've read it too, he said he really wanted Albania.
And that's probably where he's going to play, unfortunately. Sad
Sounds like a weird decision to me. Why not play for Belgium or even Serbia. Is he not interested in playing at the WC.
It looks like Kosovo will win the race, although they are not officially recognised as a nation or by FIFA. However, even if he does play for them in an upcoming friendly, he will still be allowed to play for any other international team unless Kosovo gets recognition.

It is Belgium, BUT..

Quote:Manchester United prodigy Adnan Januzaj has had his first international cap for Belgium taken away from him after FIFA wiped last month's 5-1 win over Luxembourg from their official records.
Marc Wilmots made seven substitutions during the World Cup warm-up match in Genk, which is one more than the quota permitted by world football's governing body.

The decision also means Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku's hat-trick has been erased from the history books, while back-up goalkeeper Sammy Bossut loses his first cap.

Furthermore, the result will not count towards the FIFA rankings that will be updated on Friday ahead of the World Cup, where Belgium are widely viewed as dark horses.

Januzaj now hopes to make his debut – for the second time – in Saturday’s final warm-up match with Tunisia in Brussels, before flying to Brazil, where his team-mates will face Algeria, Russia and South Korea in Group H.

As nice as it would be to have someone of his ability available for England, I don't agree with tinkering with the rules in order to gain players to represent the national side. I think the rules are lax enough as they are, he would have only been elegible if he had completed five years of education in this country - something he did not acheive.

Belgium have snared a very good player and maybe they wouldn't have been made to work so hard against Algeria tonight if he had had som part in the game.

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