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Adnan Januzaj. What Allegiance?
I watched this lad a little when he was playing for the reserves/youth team and thought he was a little lightweight, but certainly talented. He had a storming pre-season and has rightfully earned his place in the 1st team squad. Except for Europe just now (he will be eligible after this week, I think?).

Anyway, there has been a whole lot of press interest around which country he should represent at international level. He was born in Brussels, so would be eligible to play for Belgium. However, he is of Albanian and Kosovan parents, so could rightfully play for either of those countries, too. While it would be amazing for England to have him in their set up, I can't see how he can play for us? Just because he has lived he for a few years, DOESN'T make him English, does it? Unlike the cricket team, I think FIFA's rules are a little more transparent.

I find myself agreeing with Jack Wilshere, who was reported in the press saying:

“If you live in England for five years it doesn’t make you English,’’

Januzaj, the Belgium-born son of Albanian-Kosovan parents who is also eligible for Turkey and Serbia, could play for England in 2018 under Fifa residency rules and the Football Association has taken tentative soundings about the Manchester United winger’s availability.

What do you think?

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