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Atmosphere at Old Trafford
I went to the game against Feyenoord the other night with my girlfriend. The Stretford End was the noisiest part of the stadium to us. We were in the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, and no-one was singing near us at all.
Games in the Premier League are different, and this is why i think so.

In the Premier League supporters are only permitted to buy one ticket per member, but in other competitions, members can take up to 6 guests! These guests are only there to see the famous Man Utd, The stadium and the experience of a matchday, when The Premier League attracts the more die-hard supporters.

So how can we as supporters improve the atmosphere on these games and what can the club do to help? Does anyone else have a similar experience or similar thoughts?

And what happened to the pub? That used to build an atmosphere hours before the game!

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