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Can macheda play legally at 17 ?
Can macheda play legally at 17 ?
Well obviously he is, and even more so the better, he is sticking in the little onion in the net.Big Grin
yeah he can, rooney got his first match for everton when he was just 16 but dont know how young you can be. that Adu kid played in the american league when he was just 14 years old. and i think someone in league one got his debut at 15.
Yes it's not about what age you are to play it's about what age you are when you sign a professional contract. you must be 17 to sign a contract but you can play for the seniors at 8 years old just can't get paid for it.
We are in the S*** if he can not play. Next season will be the one that will see just how good he is. We will have Campbell back and Manucho. Plus do not forget Welbeck, the sun shone out of his a*** when he scored on his first team debut
yes! he will be a player like Rooney! Rooney was a fantastic player when he was 17. Macheda can do the same as Rooney!!!!!! Smile
I think he is going to be one of the next realy big things to happen at Utd.Smile
macheda is gonna be like wazza mybe even better
i thought you do get paid for it if you are underage, but it goes into some sort of holding account until you are of age, and at that point you can use it?
Yes. Lets hope we have another gem, looking good so far!

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