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Chelsea out of CL!
Yesterday, at 19:45 Inter arrived at Stamford Bridge to defend they're qualification to the next Champions League round. Chelsea tryed to score but they couldn't becouse of good Inters' play. Guests scored one goal and that was over. 3-1 at the final score.

Now we know - Chelsea's out from Champions League!
Champions League your having a laugh ........
Serious rebuilding job needed down at The Bridge .
Hundreds of millions don't buy you History , and it don't buy you Champions League . Maybe Real Mardid an offer you a friendly in May as you both have a date spare now
LMAO! I didn't even bother to look in to see how that lot were getting on. I heard this morning and how I laughed!
ive been laughing since last night lol
Sneijder was fantastic yesterday. Chelsea could have 2 or 3 penalties, but Carvalho plays the same way and gets away with it all the time so it was fun seeing them getting the same treatment.
thats ancelloti down the dole queue come may
Fail by Chelsea, I thought they would do well, but they're down with Liverfool, AC Milan and Real Madrid in the losers area. Tongue
Maybe UEFA can set up a losers tournament?

Oh, it seems they already have. It's called the Europa League!! Even AC, Madrid aren't good (or bad) enough to get in that!
Roman held a meeting with Chelsea team .... and he asked
"are u best players or best payed players"

ha ah ah
anyways roman will pore money in next transfer!
Best paid, of course! Although I did rate Drogba when he was at Monaco. He looked strong, but now he is just a moaning minnie! JT is always good for a laugh, too, especially in penalty competitions! But you wouldn't want him near the wives lounge after the game, eh!

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