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Chelsea out of CL!
It would have been nice to have the privilage of putting them out ourselves at a later stage and see Terry angry again like Moscow 2008 but Inter stole our Glory. I suppose the special one had to show them who is boss.

On a down side they will now have more time to rest before coming to OT on 3/4/10 as we will have to play in europe that week.

On a positive side we are in top form as we chase two more titles and like a runaway train we will hopefully distroy everything in our path.

Wayne is unstoppable and will hopefully beat Ronaldo's record of 42 goals. While he is modest in front of camera, I'm sure he can see the possibility of making it a reality and that in itself should boost his confidence
(18-03-2010, 09:57 AM)P211 Wrote: Fail by Chelsea, I thought they would do well, but they're down with Liverfool, AC Milan and Real Madrid in the losers area. Tongue

We can't say that Milan are loosers cos they were playing with Man Utd and they just couldn't winBig Grin

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