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David de Gea Decline
A technical review of the issues with our #1
I started to watch this, but 18 minutes slating our keeper?? He has shown a dip in form for sure, and there have been some well-publicised errors, but I am not joining the Roy Keane bandwagon. The keeper is the last line of defence, so if he is being called upon more in matches, his stats could worsen. So maybe we need to look at defending from the front, with a high press, then looking at what the holding midfielder is doing? Does Matic wander forward, leaving a gap in the middle of the park? Is Pogba a holding midfielder? And what does the back 4 do to protect the keeper? I like Brandon Williams, but he is still learning and his inexperience was exploited by Chelsea in the cup semi final, putting pressure on him.

it is all so easy to blame one player, but we are a team.

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