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Define Manchester United in one word
Good day Red Devils.

Words play an important role in defining us. It is through words that people are able to give descriptions and comments about our attitude, our behavior and the like. With that, I could say that words are pretty much essential to our own improvement.

Thus, I would like to ask. How can you define Manchester United in one word?

Let me start. Legendary

Your turn.
One word huh? That's tough, I'll go with:

One word never enough.

Legendary does cover it, I guess, but already used.

Hmmm, how about

Great submission guys! So far, we have the words "legendary," "illustrious," and "glorious."

Let me add to continue the discussion. CHAMPIONS

And yes, I agree with you, Mr. Noucamp99. One word is never enough to define the greatest team in football. GGMU!
One word is hard so I'll go with:

The whole history of this club is Magnificent! I was thinking that it would be hard to say a single great word about Man Utd but then this came to mind and I think it perfectly illustrates what the Red Devils are all about!
one word association would have to be 'Champions' although one could think of many befitting titles

Man united has history, history that many teams cannot even compete with!
Another word could be UNPARALLELED. unparalleled in history, skill, and much more

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