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Derby Discussions
Here is the thread to post all your views on Man Utd and Man City derbies.
Post all you want about a Manchester Derby here.
Talk about recent results including Man Utd Carling Cup defeat etc.
Talk about games in the past. This is the thread to chat about Derby matches.

(edited to add old games - hope you don't mind P211?)
i dont no if any one else thinks the same as me but how did tevez warrant the man of the match award?? ive read a few papers this morning and they seem to be the same but apart from putting away a penalty that nearly every pro should and a free header in the box(awful defending) what did he do?? apart from trying to cut off wes browns leg with an awful late studs up challenge and not getting booked!??
I have changed the name of this thread, to open it up to all Derby games that spring to mind. This will stop it being confused with a discussion of last night's game. I think the intention was to talk about ALL Derby matches from history that we may remember.

BTW Benn, I agree. Although he scored 2 goals, I couldn't see what else he brought to the game. Why he wasn't booked for the challenge of Wesley, I'll never know.
it was like gbh! if it had been fletcher or a united player they would have been calling for a red card not even a booking!

i would have said man of the match should have been patrice evra!
a couple of maurading runs i think we should give him a run down the left wing he can beat a man has pace and play fabio or oshea when hes fit at left back!
cool noucamp no prob
man citys penalty was crap, i mean fabio/rafael/ (i dunno) touched bellamy outside the box then he lost his footing inside. horrible
but i think its not rly advantage city because if man utd keep a clean sheet at OT and we score one the the away goals rule will count and man utd will go thru.
I wondered if the Carling Cup was decided on the away goal rule, as it isn't necessary in the earlier rounds, of course, as they are not 2-legged. However, away goals do count double, IF scores are level after EXTRA TIME.

In the Semi-Final ties, if the aggregate score is level at the end of the second game an extra
half-hour shall be played. If the aggregate scores are still level at the end of extra time the tie
shall be decided by goals scored away from home counting twice. If the teams remain equal
after this procedure the tie shall be determined by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark
in accordance with the Laws of Association Football.


Anyway, back on track. I was lucky enough to get tickets to a Derby match during the 2004-05 season and what an anti-climax!!! The atmosphere was really dead and the game petered out to a dull 0-0 draw. The highlight that day was the burger and chips with tommy ketchup afterwards! Interestingly, in the PL alone, there have only been 23 0-0 draws at OT since its inception!! Sadly, I was at one of them!
still, united need to keep a clean sheet if they wanna go thru
but united are much more dominant
We get a goal defender and hit them on the counter play obertan for the speed

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