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Do You Think He Will Kiss the Badge Before Xmas!!!
[attachment=12]Does anyone think he will kiss the badge before Christmas!!!:guinesssm
I picked no but he might to show hes commited to us because I can see the Old trafford crowd not being very keen on him

I can't wait for the announcer to call his name out in the game V Brummy

then we will see what everyone else thinks

I certainly won't be cheering a ex scum player :HotDog:

even after a few :guinesssm:guinesssm:guinesssm:guinesssm:guinesssm:guinesssm

It would just not seem right. It would be like Ryan transfering to the scum and kising there shirt. I can not get my head around it.
Alan Smith did it and he used to put it in sheeps bottoms before joining us!
when he scores a few goals v L'pool i will be cheering lol
i think he will celibrate alot to try to win over the fans
if he scores a brace at anfield in october and kisses the badge every man utd fan will love him
After scoring the winner in injury time at Anfield would be very nice!I dont think that would happen though for fear of mass spontanious combustion!!
I had the dream
85th minute in Anfield it's 1-1 Berba comes off Owen comes on, Tosic whips in the corner Skirtel heads it out, then at the edge of the box Owen hits it on the volley and it goes in top corner

he runs over to the kop and kisses the united crest

we win 2-1
wow it was so clear
great dream aswell

hope it happens ha
That would be quality mate. I don't think he will although he is an Everton fan so scoring the winner vs them could tempt him!

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