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End of Beckham's Career?
David Beckham has been ruled out of the World Cup after tearing his Achilles tendon during AC Milan's Serie A game with Chievo on Sunday. He is due to have an emergency operation in Finland either today or tomorrow, but these kinds of injuries can take 6 to 8 months to heal on a youngster. David is no spring chicken, poor lad. There was talk this morning that it could even signal the end of his career. That would be a devastating blow for him, as he was set to go to Africa and I think he may have gone on to beat Peter Shilton's appearance record. I can't see that happening now?

England will miss him in the World Cup.

Get well soon David. Tough Injury to get over!
I will definitely miss him. When I first saw him on the T.V about the injury, I really felt sorry for him. Hope he gets well soon and he can play football again. I heard he was crying when he got hurt.
Get Well Soon Beckham!
Ronaldinosa can probably shed some light on just how much a torn Achilles can hurt. I'm sure we can forgive him a tear or two, tbh!
accordin to sky sports news hes looking at a 6 month lay off
spring chicken haha
They expect he'll be straight back into the euro qualifiers in september and this is Capello talking. He must still rate him in his plans.
well after he donned the green and gold it shows he still has utd at heart

get well soon becks
Ian Wright urges David Beckham to take up Fabio Capello's offer of staff role for England

Former England international Ian Wright has implored David Beckham to consider manager Fabio Capello's alleged offer to become a member of his backroom staff and consequently travel to the 2010 World Cup, even if it means he is only a "glorified cheerleader".

The 34-year-old midfielder recently tore his Achilles tendon while playing for Milan against Chievo, and will consequently miss the showpiece event in South Africa.

"David, please accept Fabio Capello's offer to still join England at the World Cup,"

Wright said in an open letter to Beckham in The Sun.

Believe me, if you don't, you could regret it for the rest of your life.

"I know from personal experience the nightmare you are going through right now, and how much playing for England means to you.

"If ever there's a footballer who embodies what playing for England is meant to be about, it's you.

"I felt sick to the core when I saw you suddenly pull up playing for AC Milan on Sunday. I knew straight away you were in trouble and that this was a serious injury.

"Like everyone else I was clinging to the hope there could be a miracle cure - although deep down I suspected that wouldn't be the case.

"Now I'm just gutted you won't be able to make it to South Africa."

Wright was in a similar position as the ageing midfielder is now, as he was in good form, but missed out on a place in the 1998 World Cup in France due to a recurrence of a hamstring injury that had kept him out of a significant part of Arsenal's double winning campaign.

"Right now I suspect you're feeling as low as you've ever felt in your professional career - and that's as bad as it gets for any footballer who cares about the game," continued Wright.

"But you're not alone. It happened to me in 1998 when I was meant to go to the World Cup in France, having been selected for the squad by manager Glenn Hoddle.

"I'd already not been selected by two previous England managers and was beginning to think I'd never make it to a major tournament. I can still remember how elated I felt when Hoddle told me I was in.

"But, just like you David, I had my dreams cruelly snatched away when I injured my hamstring during a warm- up match against Morocco. I was in absolute pieces and cried my eyes out because I was so devastated."

Having taken a walk down memory lane, Wright returned to his plea that the Milan midfielder give Capello the nod and travel with the rest of the squad, even if it means that he is only a "glorified cheerleader".

"If, as seems to be the case, Fabio Capello asks you to join his squad, then seize the chance to be involved in something so special," Wright added.

"Even if you were only a glorified cheerleader, it's where you belong and where you need to be, as someone who cares so passionately.

"I actually think there's so much advice you can give to lads struggling with form, or missing their families back home.

"You've been there, done that, and have so much knowledge and experience - probably more than you even realise. The younger players in the squad in particular all look up to you, David, and a quiet word from you can have a very big impact."
I can definately feel some affiliation with DBecks injury having gone through exactly the same myself just a few years ago . Whilst the pain isnt severe , i can best describe it as like being struck by an elastic band it burns a bit , but its certainly not bad . I think his tears were more out of frustration than anything else . The road to recovery is a long one though , he will be in plaster for twelve weeks and the expected full recovery time is 18 months , he will suffer muscle loss in his calves for a start although he will be able to exercise his thigh muscles whilst in plaster .
All in all i cant see how he can come back from this kind of injury at this stage in his career , its far worse than a simple broken leg , bones heal a lot easier and stronger than tendons and there will be a strong chance that it could rupture again , my sympathies are with him
i just found out how he broke his tendon, must have hurt!!

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