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Favourite United Chants?
This place is a bit dull and empty lately lets get a thread goin...

Whats Your Favourite United Chants?
Mine has to be the new wes brown one...

Ye i like that love the park one !
United calypso. Especially when the ground is rocking and even the prawn sarnie brigade join in. Class!
What's the words 4 the new wes brown song ? Being in south stand u don't get um singing as u know ! Is getting better 4 the big games thou
yea I no m8 it's only away and stretty enders chant so far

heres words
Park Park wherever u may be. you eat dogs in your own country. it could be worse you could be scouse eating rats in you council house. lol
This is my new favourite one!

He's gonna die,
He's gonna die,
Malcolm Glazer's gonna die,
How we kill him I don't know,
Cut him up from head to toe,
All I know is Glazer's gonna die.

cool huh?Tongue
saw me mate the other day
says he saw the white pele
i said to him who is he
he goes by the name wayne rooney

wayne rooney wayne rooney
he goes by the name wayne rooney

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