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Favourite Youtube Videos
stevo your dead that scared the shit out of me lol
ha ha that was funny!
yeah haha. but i still knew what was coming like haha

Keep Your Eye On The Car!

The last two of Steve's have been brilliant for different reasons. The FA Respect video if spot on and the rotting human - well, I think we all knew what was coming, but I'll bet we all still jumped?!!
(29-11-2009, 11:08 AM)blah_united Wrote:

Keep Your Eye On The Car!

haha I remember we watched that in school about 3 years ago in a big black dark room with a projector and the sound very loud.

lets just say all 50 of us warn't very talkative for a few minutes after.
haha. should my nan that haha she followed trew hahaha
Thanks for sharing amazing video, I am really impressed to see such a nice video. So please share more this type video next time.
Among all video the second video is very horrible. This very horrible video i have seen before.

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