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Fergie Chases The 'Montengrin Messi'
Reports in Italy suggest United keeping tabs of Fiorentina teenager Stevan Jovetic, with hopes to sign him in the future. Interest increased after his 2 goals and wonderful performance to beat Liverpool.

However, Fiorentina look set to respond to this interest by slapping a €25 million (£22 million) minimum relsease fee one him.

He definatly looks like a potentially great player, but the price tag looks a touch steep. But then again he did make the scousers cry.

[Image: article-0-06A23EDC000005DC-484_468x351.jpg]
yeah id say he would be a good prospect if hes bought but fergie would need to watch the home grown rule
glooks a good player, but com on! think about poor welbeck and macheda
looks to be a good player but we have a good few young strikers at the club already.
looks good prospect for future imo
he is gonna be a great addition .
go united, get him
perfect hype.....
u can see his goal record in wikipedia it self .......
really below par....
Kiko is 100 tmies better than him Wink

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