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Football Trivia Quiz Baton
Nope. England and somewhere hot(ter). Not Mexico....
st james park
Nope, but right league. 2nd one is not in Europe or Asia.
i think the second one is called Estadio Hernando Siles and its in bolivia or somewhere south american didnt there national team get band from playing there as they were used to the lower oxygen levels in the air and fifa deamed it an unfair advantage?

and i think the english one is the hawthorns is it not?
was i correct???
Hawthorns, yes. I thought it was Daniel Alcides Carrión in Cerro de Pasco, Peru. Some sites say La Paz, too. Hmm, more research, lol. Maybe go with the English ground. You're right, so ask next question.
name the only league club in england and scotland with a j in its name!

i have to tell you i had the stadium question about 3 weeks ago in the local pub quiz hence how i knew it!
St Johnstone? Am I right?

What do you think to this lads?

I think we've hijacked what started as a strange post, lads. We were looking for a new game and now we've stumbled upon it. Football trivia. First person asks a question. First person to answer it CORRECTLY then gets to ask a football trivia question of their own. Answers to be confirmed by person who posts the question. I think Steve and Mods can join in, but may be asked to act as ajudicators in the case of arguments, etc. If we say yes, then we can also move it to the Lounge, maybe? Alongside the player name game?

I've changed the first post to include the text above. Shall we adopt it? I've added my vote. Voting closes Sunday ish!
yeah ur correct mate!!
OK. Which English league clubs are furthest NORTH and furthest SOUTH? This doesn't include Berwick smartasses, as they play in the Scottish league, lol!

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