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Football rich list: Manchester United drop to third
Real Madrid topped football's rich list for the sixth year in succession, as Manchester United dropped to third.

Real Madrid topped football's rich list for the sixth year in succession, as Manchester United dropped to third.

Accountancy firm Deloitte have announced their annual Football Money League report, which again confirmed Real as football's top revenue earning club.

Indeed, Real posted record figures as their revenues moved in excess of €400million (£363m) for the first time.

The Spanish league is benefiting from the strong Euro at the moment and, partly as a result of that, Barcelona have leapt into second spot ahead of English champions United.

The Top 20

1 Real Madrid, Spain

2 Barcelona, Spain

3 Manchester United, England

4 Bayern Munich, Germany

5 Arsenal, England

6 Chelsea, England

7 Liverpool, England

8 Juventus, Italy

9t Inter Milan, Italy

9t AC Milan, Italy

11 Hamburg, Germany

12 AS Roma, Italy

13 Lyon, France

14 Marseille, France

15 Tottenham, England

16 Schalke, Germany

17 Werder Bremen, Germany

18 Borussia Dortmund, Germany

19 Manchester City, England

20 Newcastle, England
still, richest english team.
Wow! Newcastle in top 20, despite all their problems!

As you say, we're still the richest British club, in terms of cashflow, anyway!
I have some friends in the North and they are really great people. Mind you, one of them is a Mackem, but has a soft spot for United! They're not all bad, you know.

None of them have perms, either, lol. Well, not now, anyway!
United stayed third in the Forbes rich list once more, valued at $2.81billion.

Quote:Spanish football club Real Madrid has topped an annual Forbes list of the world's most valuable sports teams.

The club, who won the Champions League in May, is worth an estimated $3.44bn (£2bn), Forbes said.

The top three slots are occupied by football clubs, with Barcelona in second place at $3.2bn, and Manchester United third, with a value of $2.81bn.

Forbes calculated the value of the teams based on equity, debt and stadium deals.

MLB baseball team the New York Yankees were in fourth spot, valued at $2.5bn.

In fifth place is NFL American Football team the Dallas Cowboys, worth $2.3bn.

Mets out
NFL teams fill 60% of the top 50 slots, occupying 30 places.

The 20 non-NFL teams in the top 50 include six from MLB, eight from football, four from NBA basketball, one from the NHL ice hockey league and one from Formula 1 motor racing.

Forbes calculates that the average value of the top 50 teams is $1.34bn, an 8% increase on last year.

Baseball team the New York Mets are one of three teams that dropped off this year's list of the top 50.

The other two to fall out of the list are also familiar names, the Oakland Raiders from the NFL and F1 team McLaren.

The only other football club in the top ten, alongside United, Real and Barca, are Bayern Munich

1. Real Madrid $3.44 billion, 2. Barcelona $3.2 billion, 3. Manchester United $2.81 billion, 4. New York Yankees $2.5 billion, 5. Dallas Cowboys $2.3 billion, 6. Los Angeles Dodgers $2.0 billion, 7. Bayern Munich $1.85 billion, 8. New England Patriots $1.8 billion, 9. Washington Redskins $1.7 billion, 10. New York Giants $1.55 billion.
...and IF you were wondering, citeh are 7th with their current value set at $863 mil. Last year's revenue (2012-13): $411 mil, giving an operating loss (2012-13) of $18 mil. Uninteresting fact:
The average Manchester City supporter has been a fan for 21 years, the second longest period among Premier League teams.
The Glazers and Mr Woodhead have done fairly well to keep us there considering last season. Let's hope LvG can put us back where we belong in the table that really matters.

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