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Frustration Release Zone

As mentioned in the chatroom, I think LVG needs to revert to some level of basics and look at playing players in their best positions. Is Rooney a wide man? Come to think of it, is he even a creative midfielder? Rooney's best position is striker! Pair him with RVP and let them play together again. They were successful before.

Valencia has shone at right wing back, but is he the right player to play right back in a back four? Rafael is fit again and it might pay to look at a slightly more traditional 4-4-1-1 with wingers again? Play to United's strengths. This would mean Adnan Januzai could also operate wide and not in a roving position? He looked so useful last season. Or Ashley Young.

Rojo left back or centre back?

Herrera or Mata?

What do you think?

Seriously! What was he thinking? The match against West Ham has gone. Leave it alone and don't slip to Rafa's level. Turning up to a press conference with a 4 sheet pamphlet is embarrassing! Look forward to the next game.

Big Sam must be laughing so much that his mind games got under LVG's skin:

To use the press conference using diagrams in the pamphlet claiming to show United's passes went sideways or diagonally, rather than forward, is not the United way. And is it soo great that we are square passing again! And can't diagonal passes go forward?
OK. Is this statement from LVG good enough for you?

"But when you see the facts, we went further in the Capital One Cup (this season), qualified for the Champions League group stage, we have played all these matches and are still in a very good position in the league. The facts say we are better than last year. That's my answer because I can only give facts. I'm also disappointed that we are out of the Champions League."

After 18 months and £200 million spent, is an exit in the 4th round of the League Cup against a Championship side, not getting out of a weak CL group and sitting 4th in the Premier League after some uninspiring displays really improvement?

I am frustrated with the bland football being played. I love United and still go into every game BELIEVING, but I see this rigid formation killing the creativity. When Ronnie and Nani were playing, they would often swap wings and wander around the pitch, causing trouble everywhere. Even Giggs and Sharpe would swap wings. Now, we see players scared to take on defenders and move out of their allotted positions. The expression and creativity is being stifled out of the United we know and love.

While I don't expect an immediate return to the style of play under any previous manager, surely, with Giggs involved with the coaching, the true United way of playing with a swagger and a bit of style should be embedded in the way they go about their business on the pitch?

Or am I missing something?

Please, I would love to hear others' comments.
Add to the above comments the fact that Louis van Gaal hasn’t even been able to match David Moyes’ record in the Champions League as Manchester United manager.

The Dutchman’s side crashed out of the Champions League at the group stage following their 2-1 defeat to Wolfsburg, mustering just two wins during their time in the competition.

By comparison, United won a heady five games under Moyes in the Champions League, and even got a draw at home to Bayern along the way.

United may well be doing a lot better under Van Gaal in the league, but the question surely has to be asked – has he really improved that much?
Quote:Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal says he has been "very bored" during some games this season.
"There are matches that I have enjoyed," said the Dutchman.
"And there are also matches where I'm very bored or angry because we are not disorganising our opponent's defence, but that is football."
Van Gaal's team were booed off at half-time during Saturday's FA Cup win over Sheffield United, with thousands of home fans leaving early.
Asked why many fans had left before Wayne Rooney's 93rd-minute penalty secured a 1-0 win, Van Gaal replied: "They are not thinking that we would score, I think, and maybe also because of the traffic."
'Van Gaal's teams start slow... and they fade'
Van Gaal suggested United fans should be "happy" with their team's current form, despite the fact that they failed to register a shot on target until the 69th minute against their League One opponents.

Source: BBC Sport

Seriously??? If that is the case, CHANGE SOMETHING!!!!! Change the philosophy. Admit your mistake and get back to the way United play. Let the players have their heads on the pitch and don't play square pegs in round holes!!!
What frustrates me is the number of players we get rid of as not good enough or are not deemed as performing and the minute they are elsewhere they suddenly become much better. Thas got to be man management.
How about this nearly end of year report on United? It speaks volumes:

Quote:Strength - Defensive record at home

It speaks volumes for the unpredictability of this campaign that Manchester United's current run of five straight wins at home is the longest of any team in the league all season. Most of the Red Devils' victories at home have owed much to a superb defensive record, with just seven goals conceded at home bettered only by Juventus and Bayern (both six) in Europe's top five leagues.

Weakness - Stagnant style

While Louis van Gaal would no doubt refer to his side's approach as patient, there's little avoiding the fact that Manchester United have been incredibly tentative on the ball for much of the season. Indeed, United have played the lowest proportion of their passes forward in the league (34.1%).

I have to get this off my chest! Grr!

Last night, the preparation for an important match - the last ever game at the Boleyn - was the worst I have ever seen! Seriously!

I have been watching and been involved with football since the early 70s (yes, I am THAT old, lol) and don't think I have ever seen such a cock up!

So, it was the last match at a fairly large stadium, with a large crowd expected. So what do the powers that be at United do? Arrange to turn up just about ONE HOUR before kick off! surely, they should have thought a bit about what was going to happen and request the use of some of the Hammer's facilities and arrive really early. say around 4pm or 5pm?

Turning up so late, so that all the roads around the ground were mobbed was just asking for trouble! The crowds were pissed and excited, so were always going to be fun, to say the least.

But this isn't the first time we were 'caught out' this season, when we turned up late for the Spurs game! Amateur!

The late arrival meant there was no proper preparation for the match. what about the gentle warm up, rub downs, etc before even going on to the pitch for the team warm up??? No time. OK, so the tactics (there were some??) should have been discussed and in place, but a motivating team talk... Oh, what am I saying??

For me, Ed Woodward and LVG must go. They are inept at this level and are just embarrassing United. We looked like a non league side whose coach had broken down en-route.

On the pitch, some players looked like scared rabbits in headlights, while others just seemed way out of their depth (Blind, Herrera and Rojo). And what did LVG do to change things? NOTHING!

While I will always support the lads on the pitch, I would expect something back from them. and once the match is over, I want my turn to speak up.

Rant over. And breathe!
After watching videos from the coach, I believe the match should not have been played. Our players were in the middle isle between the seats, they were shit scared. The premier league should make the game be replayed in an empty stadium. West Ham are to blame for this. This was a very important game for us and the players were not in a position to give their best. Rant over.
Frustration release time!
Jose: please revert to basics, with the correct players in the correct positions. I posted here earlier suggesting that LVG was playing square pegs in round holes and now, in 2018, nothing is new! McTominey playing centre back??? What about Jones? What about Bailly? What about under 23 players - what message to them?

Jose: Stop washing dirty laundry in public. This is not the United way. Sort out in house and get the United united again!

Squad: pull together, batten down the hatches and get working hard. We want to see pride and passion on the pitch, so stop going through the motions. Quicker decisions needed on the pitch and play to the strengths. Look at Martial, Lingard, Rashford and use their pace!!
They have to look up and surge forward individually, all teams do now is pressurise the man on the ball and we give a silly pass.
yes we may lose the odd one but lets play football, somebody please watch a video of George Best and have a go.

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