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Star UK brings to you the first of several World Interviews to come. A new year has brought this new feature to our readers, who were asked to pose questions to Manchester United and England star Wayne Rooney.

Top 10 Questions by fans

1.Wayne, who is the toughest defender you have played against?

That’s a tough one. I’ve played against so many defenders around the world it’s difficult to pin-point one player. But if I had to choose one defender, it would have to be John Terry.

He’s a very physical player and always gives everything for England. You can concentrate on your game and not worry about the defence conceding because he always plays well.

2.Which player in the world would you like to see in a Manchester United shirt?

It’s not for me to say because that’s the manager’s job, to bring the best players to Manchester United.

But I’ve played with some great players in the past and would have loved to have played with some legends of the game.

Steven Gerrard is a very good mate of mine and he had trials at Manchester United as a kid, it would have been great to have had him at United, but that will never happen because he’s a Liverpool man through and through. He’s a top-class player.

I’d have loved to have played with Zinedine Zidane. I’ve played against him and I was just in awe. But playing against him gave me a lot of confidence because it gave me the belief to say ‘I can play with the best, and I’m just going to chill out and let my football do the talking'.

Theo Walcott is so fast; he can go on for ages. He’s the fastest player I’ve seen. He’s so enthusiastic and got a good eye for goal.

3.What did you say to Carlos Tevez when he was about to take the penalty in the League Cup match vs Manchester City?

Put it this way, I didn’t tell him to score.

4. After the 2006 World Cup, did you and Cristiano Ronaldo speak about the Portugal match? Did he say sorry – did you forgive him or did you all carry on as if nothing had happened?

I have no qualms about the red card and the fans didn’t blame me when we were knocked out. David Beckham had to take a lot of stick after the 1998 World Cup.

We [Rooney and Ronaldo] spoke shortly over the phone some time after and when we got back for pre-season training the manager just got us together, told us some home truths and told us not to look into and listen to all kinds of rubbish that was published about us. We shook hands and that was it. He’s a good guy and we’ve always played well together

5. Just a simple question; who is a better player in your opinion and why: Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

I’ve played with Cristiano and he does everything from score great goals, great free kicks, crosses, he’s a top notch player and he’s doing well at Real Madrid.

Messi, the ball just sticks to his feet, he’s very clever and the main thing is that he’s just passionate about his football and I love watching him play.

They are different players and have different characters so not for me to compare really, but put it this way, they would be welcome at Carrington.

6. At the 2010 World Cup, do you have any preference on who will be your partner in attack

No, that’s for Mr Capello to decide. It’s his job to pick the team and whoever he picks, I’ll be happy to play with, be that Emile [Heskey] or Jermaine [Defoe], not for me to say, but the manager knows what he’s doing and he’ll keep us all guessing, I’m sure.

7. If Manchester United were forced to sell you, which team would you like to join? Could you ever see yourself playing for another English team?

I’m a Manchester United player unless the manager tells me otherwise. I live near the training ground, life’s good and I just want to play for Manchester United because the manager has given me so much and I want to repay his faith in me.

I’ve channeled my feelings and passion into all the right places and I’m a man, not the kid everyone saw a few years ago and I owe it to the manager.

8. How would you feel if your son said that he would like to be a Liverpool fan?

My family are all Evertonians and I also grew up as an Evertonian. We all grew up absolutely hating Liverpool and that will never change. So my son will have plenty of positive influences around him [laughs].

9. Wayne, just how good is Dimitar Berbatov? Do you think he gets too much stick from fans and pundits for not scoring a lot and do you think his arrival at the club has helped you?

Strikers always go through a bad patch and they get criticised by people who do not see how much effort he is putting in day in and day out.

Berbatov’s a very technically sound player, he can score, create opportunities for the guys and gives me a great deal of freedom to get forward. He does his fair share and our partnership is very fresh and it’ll get better. He’s just focusing on his game.

10. Since Ronaldo’s transfer, Sir Alex Ferguson must have told you to play in a different way than before. What do you think about the difference for you and the team?

I wouldn’t say the manager has told me to play in a different way; I’ve been playing like this for years. I’ve just matured and been given a lot more responsibility, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to win. I still have that passion and hunger.

Hopefully I can have a good run in the side now and keep scoring goals. We’ve got ourselves into a good position in the league.

We’ve dealt with defensive setbacks very well. The way we played last season has given us a lot of confidence and we will get there. The pressure to succeed is still there because every manager and every single player wants to make a name for themselves at our expense.

lol at no.3!

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