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Going monday
Hi lads one of the presants was a week in lanzerote for a week this coming monday.
Ill try to get a computer of there to best i can,so mightn be on for a week or so.
enjoy lad
All right for some .... ain'it ? Wink

Have a really great time mate and a Happy New Year to you.
o i will mate. cheers you to Smile
Wow! Nice one! Enjoy. Went there a few years back. Fire mountain was a great trip. Really strange landscape. Enjoy the Ron Miele, too (honey rum). Happy New Year, mate.
ha are you sure your not a politician, is all the rest from dail eireann going
haha. cheers all of you ill bring ye something back.
Last post seya next week

I hope he doesn't bring back crabs, lol!
haha. some weather. i walked 2 miles to get on this forthe nest 30 mins lol. chealse poxy prats ehh

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