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Gold membership
Is it worth the money?
I believe that a lot of our members found it worthy!
what money? its only a few quid!
(20-11-2012, 07:38 PM)martinbrooke Wrote: Is it worth the money?

Absolutely, I've been a gold member for a year now and at the end of the day it's only costing approx £1.83 per month... surely you have to know that's a bargain, no ads and yeah it does occasionally freeze but this is rare and I can promise you that I have tried many websites and they tend to freeze and stay that way for the duration of the game. I do not know the people that set up this website in any way, shape or form so I have no need to just say this, and tbh £1.83 per month... bloody hell, shouldn't even need selling to you mate :O
I signed up to gold today can you please activate it for me.
Account activated!
In the event I want to cancel, how do I go about doing so?
Just drop me a message.

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