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Handbook Appeal
Hey guys. I didn't join One United this year, due to financial issues, etc. I wonder if anyone has the One United handbook that they don't want? If so, please let me know. If possible, I'm after 2 copies.
I think they go on sale later in the season in the Megastore, but if there are any available now.....
Thanks Guys
whats the hand book a copy?
When you join One United, you get a supporters' pack. Usually a dvd, some playing cards, stationery, Premier league handbook and a Man United handbook. The handbook is what I'm after.
oo right i get cha
Anyone got any ideas on this? Anyone a member of One United this year? Have the packs gone out?
Can anyone give me any ideas on this, please? I've tried looking on the megastore, but nothing yet...
I was a member last year, but not this year. So sorry can't help.

Mabye have a look on Ebay.
I've not looked on E-bay, but anyone know anything about these?

Also, around the ground the independent stalls usually sell amusing CDs. if anyone is going to a match, can you see what issue these are at, please? I think these are usually pretty good. They are by (coincidence?) United People. The 1st was the best, but maybe because it was unique?
Cheers guys.

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