Poll: Do you support making Rashford captain vs Spurs?
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No it's too important a match
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No but make him Captain the first match fans are allowed to be present
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Hello and please help me thank Marcus Rashford
Hi there everyone

I've been a supporter for the last 50 years but have had no reason to make a post on this forum until now.

I'm doing so because of what Marcus Rashford has done to try to make sure no child goes hungry if just for a while.

May I ask the everyone's support to get 2 small things done.

1.  Captain for the match vs Spurs

Will Utd please make Marcus captain for the match against Spurs? 

At a time when BLM and COVID-19 deaths should not be down played it's hard to say anything which may take away important messages.

However, making Marcus captain for the match against Spurs probably is not going to detract too much from the more important stuff but may be enough for everyone to say to Marcus a very public :

                                            'We see you and we thank you'.

2.  'Borrow' a chant.

I know it may be near sacrilegoius for some to alter the words to 'My only Ole' but I'm sure Ole won't mind if we borrowed 'his' song the next time fans are allowed to a match and instead sing:

You are our Rashford, Our Marcus Rashford, 
You help us feed kids, When COVID was here, 
Dominic Cummings, Was being stupid. 
But please don't take, Our Rashford away.

Will people support this then?

if you think so please pitch in and help make these 2 small things come true.

All the best everyone. Stay safe. 

Lifelong United supporter.
The poll is closed? I cannot vote?

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