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How long have you been a Manchester United fan?
I'm from Portugal, and after starting to view worldwide leagues, Manchester quickly grabbed my attention when watching the English one, also because Cristiano Ronaldo was there, but I liked the whole team overall, they're were very aggressive playing, always on the attack.

How about you? Already changed shirts? Manchester from the beginning?
How did it happen?
I've been a Manchester United fan for 48 years. When I was 4 years old we had some new neighbours and I heard the name Manchester United many times from them. I never forgot and as I got older I followed them. Been to Old Trafford a few times.
I am only 17 years old, but I've been a fan of Manchester United ever since I was 9 years old. That was the time when I played football as a sport, so I was very addicted to the game. While I was playing some FIFA, I saw this team called Manchester United.

And the rest is history.
WOW! I'm now 44 so I have been a fan for 34 years!!!

Doesn't seem that long ago I was playing football in the streets with my friends and when I scored I always ran off with the clenched fist pretending to be Joe Jordan (I had all my teeth though)
Been a Manchester United fan for close to 11 years now. They are the only English club I've ever followed and are the only club I've been following for the past 4-5 years.
I have been an on/ off fan for sometime now. My brother and cousin are die hard fans which gets the apsects of the club drilled into me!

I have been to Old Trafford and the atmosphere is immense!
All my life, my old man was one so I took up the mantle.
It is a great club and a great tradition.
I have been a Manchester United fan for 20 years, after they signed Cantona. It has been a great experience to see players like Schmeichel, Keane, Scholes, Giggs, Cristiano...The most memorable moment was the 1999 Champions final and the two last minute goals by Sheringham and Solksjaer.
All my life. My dad was a fan and he used to take me to Old Trafford when I was very young. For the past 40 years I've lived in Leeds - not a very good place to be a United fan! We've suffered much abuse and worse but, as I point out to every Leeds yob who calls me scum, scum is what always rises to the top! Hence my name.
My boss and I got free tickets to see United play Leeds at Elland Road some years ago but had to watch surrounded by Leeds supporters. We were both asked to leave after leaping in the air when United scored.
Don't get to matches as often as I'd like which is why I was delighted to find this site
Its been only a couple of years that i have been a Manchester United fan,maybe 3 years.It was in my college that i got to know all about football and since then i have been a Man Utd fan.The first time i watched the matches were during the premier league 2010-2011.They won it that time and only at that time did i feel proud to support Manchester United.A away draw versus Rovers and i was on cloud nine.
--Proud to be a Manchester United Fan---

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