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I created an app called Man U, did I do the right thing?
Before you go all medieval read this completely.

I know Man U is an insult to true United fans. I know the story of the Busby Babes and how their loss served as an inspiration to the club.

However many young and especially Asian fans are unaware of this fact and blithely use the term Man U, even around Liverpool fans.

[Image: ey5NvGC4PVGCQE7gNhm9Px2n0jjDRYf15Mm2Aveh...-m-FE=h900]

That's why I created an app which tells the story of the rise and tragic death of the Busby Babes. I named it Man U so that ignorant fans can learn the reason as to why they shouldn't say Man U and stop others from doing so.

Here's the app -

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