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If the Glazers try to cash in on Rooney.somebody is gonna get knocked the f**k out.
Malcom,malcom glazer
who's mother was a whore
If you try to sell wayne rooney
I'll break your f***in jaw

I'll headbutt you so hard
they'll think you'v had a stroke
so sell the club for f***s sake
before we all go f***in broke

edited post - noucamp 99

Guys im worried. I'd be so gutted if they cash in on him
after the world cup.

Any one know a good sniper?
Well... David Villa it's for sure but from the cheapiest... hmm... maybe Dzeko? Jermaine Defoe is pretty good. Maybe Gabriel Agbonlahor? Maruane Chamakh is pretty good but he'll join Arsenal.
dont worry, he wont leave
Hi I hope Wayne does'nt leave United....BUT those Glazers....I do not trust them one iota.

dont think steve will be to happy wit ya for posting must stuff, will leave this for him to decide

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