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Important FAQs on how to watch our Live Stream!
1. How can I install and update Flash Player?
Here is the official link to install or update your your Flash Player...

2. Why I'm being asked to update Flash Player, which I already did?
You may have Flash Player but you sill need to Allow websites to use it. Here is a brief video on how to do so on Chrome and Firefox...

3. How can I watch the stream on mobile device?
You can watch our stream on iOS and Android mobile devices using Puffin Browser app, Here is a link to install it on your device...

4. I have Puffin app and still can't view the stream?
Once you installed Puffin app you need to open it and login to our website using it and not using Safari.

5. Why Puffin app showing "Network" error?
Try restarting your current Internet connection (Router) or use another Internet connection.

6. Clicking "Watch Live" or "Watch Here" links takes you back to forum Homepage instead of Stream page?
To solve this issue you need to clear your browser cache.
updated flash player and still not working
(23-09-2017, 01:53 PM)brooky67 Wrote: updated flash player and still not working

Check Question #2
If you have issues during the game, shout out in the chatroom. The site admin, chatroom moderator and many regulars are there and will help.

There is also a set of help files above these posts, which indicate the things Chrome requires you to do in order to allow Flash. You need to adjust your settings. This is a Chrome settings issue but there is guidance on how to resolve. You need to add this site to allow flash
(22-09-2018, 11:14 AM)Andygow66 Wrote: how can i watch on a samsung smart tv

Please see:
tried new adobe flash and puffin cant get the game on
(08-12-2018, 03:05 PM)toesmithuk Wrote: tried new adobe flash and puffin cant get the game on

Hello there,

To watch on iOS or mobile devices please install and use Puffin browser to watch on our website.

Install Puffin here:

After installing Puffin, open it, go to our website, login and watch. Don't use Safari or Chrome on mobile.

And let me know if you require more help.

Can I watch on a kindle fire ?
(25-01-2019, 07:18 PM)Trentyboy Wrote: Can I watch on a kindle fire ?

Read this:

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