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Is Blatter crazy?
I wonder what FIFA President Mr Blatter was thinking when he started making fun of Ronaldo and said that Messi was the son every mother wanted to have??? Sick

He wanted to offend all the Portuguese nation, all Real Madrid fans, all Manchester United fans?
Blatter isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the drawer and comments like this reek of favoritism. It's ok having an opinion about who you like more but insulting statements like "Ronaldo spends more time at the hairdressers" shouldn't be coming from the FIFA president.
That was a really sad attitude from him.
He's the president and should have a exemplary behavior, and he also shouldn't say he prefers this player to the other, that's favoritism and it's a wrong action from a person like him.
We all knew Blatter had some kind of favoritism for Messi, that's not really new but I have to admit it was low even for him.
Blatter should feel really bad for this. Not only because of the way he said that he did not like Ronaldo, but also it happened at Oxford, where it was obvious that the news would be known by all the world. Shame on Blatter.
I don't think he is crazy, I do think he is an incredibly arrogant idiot who doesn't care what he says or what people think of him, he is standing again for president and I really hope someone decent challenges him this time because he didn't deserve to finish his first term, let alone be looking at a fifth term!
Although Ronaldo said he had resolved it in a phone convo he must be seething with rage on blatter. yeah i heard that news,and i cannot imagine how nobody could do nothing to get rid of him despite the organisation being riddled with corruption.FIFA has needed an overhaul for decades now but the way the committee is structured now, there'll be no changes ever.
I think it's fair to say Blatter lives in his own little bubble. Just a shame he's in such an important position.

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