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Jose positioning himself?
Even when he was in England...he never really picked a fight with Sir Alex...while aving his wars with both Arsene and Rafa.

Now last month he said he could see himself doing it...Rio backed him but Sir Bobby said it would mean the end of a culture of raising players...

so in a new interview he backs the 6+5 plan cuz it's "important to cultivate"...

is he positioning himself to be the next Manager?
Jose Mourinho WILL coach Manchester United.

His contract is up in 2 years with Inter, and Fergie will retire then...

HAS to happen!
I don't think he will get the united job but I wouldn't mind if he did
Great coach and charismatic persona , and even more good tactician and know how to win when it matters most .
Strong possability?
Jose is one of the best managers around.I think he will fit in well with the United set up..He seems the only one to step in the great man's shoes.
Surely there are no managers in the prem league who looks likely to ....
i would to see jose manage utd, cuz if he won the champions league with us the chelsea fans would be gutted
he would be a great manager for us

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