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What a lad macheda is, but you guys think it's right for united to get foreign talent instead of english?? even though i know we have some english but heard we are going after another young brasilian
as long as we have some english players in the team as well, its fine to bring in foreign talent, we want all the best players in the world at united.
I suppose if we are finding the correct foreign talent then it can only be a good thing for United if you look at the way the likes of Barcelona and Madrid have succesfully tapped into south america.
He will be world class one day. SAF won’t rush him.
great almost unbelievable touch for the ball!!!
I think a lot of credit has to go to Mike Phelan?Who of us would have thought that given the obvious queue of candidates to replace Carlos that Sir Alex felt that the answer already lied within the club?.The players seem happy with it and apart from listening to his rather drab reasonings on M.O.T.D we as fans have to be extremely satisfied with the way that the team is performing.So a big hand everyone for Mike,Ole and all the backroom staff that get on with it quietly and also ensure that when someone like Macheda comes along that the boss knows that timing is everything?He IS only 17!!!.He could not be at a better place to further his football and life education.
he wasn't good against middlesbrough. but the 2 other games he had plays was fantastic!! Wink
he wasn't that bad against Boro better then SHITbatov

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