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Look at this photo i found
[Image: Man-United-92-AwayNH%20Pic.jpg]
dude iam te first person to post pic long back Big Grin Nou knew it Wink

anyways good find Smile
Yup. Has already been posted, but well done guys, anyway!
good pic, never noticed vazzas post though
sorry mate if its a repost all credit to you for findin it first
wat first last ???? B.S

we both did Smile cheers...

bt no cheers nw .. we lost Sad both chelfcks and arse's won
Is it just me, or does the guy 3 from the left on the bottom look like ryan giggs?!
It does look like him, but he is 3rd from the right! The Giggsy look-a-like is Robbo, isn't it?

So no, it's just you, really, lol!

I like the way some of them have refused to wear moustaches!
how many years was that from lol?
look at the mustache from the first row, right hand side, 2nd one in. uber groovy!
just recognized giggs, looks so young Big Grin
Cantona's and Sharpe's are the best! So cool. NOT!

1992 to 94 seasons. That was the shirt we wore when Villa beat us in the league cup.

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