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MUP Birthday Celebrations
Whoops. Please accept this:

[Image: ie28099m-sorry-ite28099s-late-happy-birthday.gif]
Congrats noucamp99 !! Have a great day Big Grin
Happy Birthday Noucamp 99. Have a great day and keep sober.
Happy birthday , break out the sarnies and pizza I'll be round after work with the kids ...
Hey guys. Thanks for the wishes. I wish I could have invited you all round for pizza and cake, lol. Ronaldinosa and his boys had a few on your behalf! Time for a cheeky beer now, I think. And cheer on Barca.
You guys have done extremely well here and as a fan of football I have a huge amount of respect for the people behind the scenes here. It's site's like this which give supporters of clubs a good name and without this being taken the wrong way you give credit to being united supporters.

Friendly, enjoyable place and that's why all the hard works paid off.

CONGRATS!! I'll stumble back to my L2 Team Smile
Nice words, Joey. I'm sure they are appreciated all round. I know I liked them. Cheers mate.
joey <3

cheers Smile Smile Smile Smile
fair play Joey appreciate it
Happy Birthday Unitedman. Now you can have a pint "Legally". Have one for me.

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