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MUP Points
I have added a new points system to the website

at the start all members have nothing

new members will start off with 100

if a regular member wants 100 points please PM me and I will add 100 points to your account

You will get
15 Points For Every Thread You Start
10 Points For Every Post You make
and 5 Points for Every Poll You Take

I will be adding stuff to do with you MUP Points soon
hook me up with 100 mate

havn't figured out the point of them yet though lol
how come we cant see how many points we have
I thought we used to have points and then they dropped off our profile - top right where it lists number of posts, joining date, etc. Ooh, what's that Member of the Week? Not noticed that before?
just noticed that this morning, maybe steve could shed some light on it
Ok this seems to be the thread to do this...

1: MUP points is gone because it's pointless theres nothing to do with the points

2: The member of the week has just started and it is given to the member with the most posts each week (excluding me)

Look out for a new refer competition coming soon Wink
Are the posts to be meaningful or just where some people keep returning to post things like "I agree" or "Yes/No" answers? Some of the posts are quite interesting to read and spark up further conversations. Just wondering. I guess the line..."and the owner's decision will be final" to be added, lol.
Is member of the week coming back sounds cool
it was good as more people made more posts to try and win it
Yeah thats what i was thinking mate.Would it be worth a try agen??

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