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Man City Chants
they've got robinho,
they've got robinho
still got no trophies though,
still got no trophies though
yes we can help, if you please post in the right section please go to live match section.
Who’s that twat from Argentina,
Who’s that money grabbing whore,
Carlos Tevez is his name
And he’s got no fucking brain,
And he wont be winning trophies anymore.
haha thats good
tamo ae galera uhull!
I like this one. Lots!! Imagine my other half's surprise the 1st time she heard this one sung!!

My old man said be a City fan,
And I said b****cks you're a c**t,
I'd rather sh*g a bucket with a big hole in it,
Than be a City fan for just one minute,
With hammers and hatchets, stanley knives and spanners,
We'll show the City b*st**ds how to fight (How to fight),
I'd rather sh*g a bucket with a big hole in it,
Than be a City fan,
Altogether now...
yea it's a good one I like it I hope the tevez one will be sung at the derby
there all great lets make some tevez ones !

let him burn hahaha
That Tevez one was good....Still laughing
(08-03-2009, 05:02 PM)ManUtdPeople Wrote: All Your Chants About Manchester City

love the park one Big Grin

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