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Man Utd vs Reading.
Well!! If this is all the talent available to Man Utd playing today against Reading, then,god help us!!!!!

Those who have been sent out to show the temp manager what they've got have in my opinion failed miserably.
Those in midfield are absolute rubbish, and should be shipped out as soon as possible.

Its hard to believe that Fred is Brazilian,he lacks composure on the ball and loses it to easily,he's a liability,as is Per,"whats his name" continually losing the ball, as is the case with that McTim,"fellow".

The defence is terrible,midfield is even worse and with Lukaku and Sanchez up front,well, we will never get into the top 4 with these people playing.

The last manager had a point in relation to both his defence and midfield.

I fear that we will not get any closer than 6th this season and I also think we will be hammered when we play Spurs NEXT.

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