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Manchester United In For German Goalkeeper
I think Foster will be good for the future, he obviously needs games and to build up his experience on how to deal with balls back to him. You can tell sometimes he looks nervous. Still I think we do need to bring a new keeper in. With VDS not having that long left it'll be important to have adequate backup.
well kusazck played a good game last night so maybe he could be giving a shot on saturday
o yes definatly !ben foster has been very disapointing!!!! give foster a chance in the next carling cup game!!! he need's a boot up the arse hahaha lol! kusack played well if he keep's this type of prformince up van der sar might find it hard to walk back onto the team
If this happens it would be fantastic news! I wonder how much we'd have to pay ... he probably wouldn't be cheap.
Foster will be fine, he just needs to flush his mistakes out. He's only jyst getting a run in the first team, at least give him enough time to find his feet. He hasn't cost us anything just yet and as long as we are scoring more than the opposition, he can afford to make the odd mistake. Lets not forget he has made some top, top saves during this spell too.
I can see VDS staying a little while, but Kuszack might want out. We need top class keepers in the squad and unfortunately, Amos and Zieler don't have the experience. maybe they need to go on loan?
he is a god one
ha ha youl get no free stream tonight
who do you think Fergie will get, Neuer, Rui Patrico, Akinfee or Lopez?
not sure that we need a new keeper Foster and Kuszczak just need more regular football and they might come good

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