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Moderator Needed
ManUtdPeople are looking for a Moderator to look over the forum everyday and make sure that spammers are banned etc.

As the forum is about to hit 1000 members I think it's time I step down as a spam deleter and someone else takes over as I don't have the time and I have other admin business to take care of.

If you are interested in the position please contact me ASAP and I will see if you are eligible for it.

Please only people who have interest in looking around the forum and who can be online a lot should apply.

To Apply Press HERE and tell us why you would like to become a Moderator.

Thank You.

EDIT: chazza and andy09lad have taken up the positions
Mate am I already a mod or do I need to apply as we talked about it the other day.
Welcome to the world of modding Andy!
thanks chazza
The position has been filled so TOPIC LOCKED

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