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Modern Warfare 2
This is out next tuesday and i was wondering if any of you guys were getting it, we could have a few online games, ( lets hope its more succesful than our fifa league).

I have my copy pre booked in xtra vision since april, they were advising people to because of the mad rush to buy wow
Not me. Now I'm back from break, we can look to get FIFA back on track, when you can fit it in between your new game!
I will be getting MW2 Tuesday It looks great doesn't it

I was talking to a guy from USA who runs his own gamestop and he already has it he went on webcam and showed me it wow wow wow it is fantastic.
heres a few teasers from youtube...

well we will need to get the fifa league started, if donlerz is back on.
I should be good to go next week. I am still laid up with last knockings of chest infection, but should be ok after the weekend. I hope...
i back guys.. 2mz night! im babysitn so ill be there alll night!
fifa saturday. im away tonight so ill be only able to cheak my emials so if ye want to do somthing e-mail me at and ill mail you back Smile
also my new msn!
Looks like we could kick off, once you stop shooting each other, lol!
im getting this for x-mas see all the goverment are going mad over the voilence in it haha will they ever shut up
there like that with every action game
I git it today and played it for 4 hours once I got home from work.

the campaign is hard very hard there is one mission (Falvas, Brazil) which took me over a hour to get past.

The online is unreal. The best thing I have ever seen. Everything is perfect. I love it.
I got to level 12 in my first day and by xmas I expect to get to prestige which is level 70 this time compared to 55 in MW1.

I suggest you guys buy this game it is the best thing ever.

my rating: 12/10

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