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New 5 Post System
there is no reason you shouldn't be able to see it.

add me on msn and I will help you
Good move to get the true red to participate...
this site has great potential....i found it via justin tv so hopefully it might get more people online!
I don't mind the post thing, honestly.
better have 5 post
(21-03-2009, 02:31 PM)ManUtdPeople Wrote: What do You guys think of the 5 Post system?

I had to add it as to many people were registering and not contributing to the community

as a new member i still do not know how it works.i think the idea is nice so as to determine who the real supporters of manchester united football club are around the globe.this i think would chase out those'other fans'especially liverpool from free exciting flowing state of the art football we have been known for since inception of this best world club.we are just superb people from the legends of old,managers,board,theatre of dreams,back room staff,every and any person connected with man utd directly or indirectly and off we loyal and faithful fans scattered all over the world and maybe i dedicated fan i have a yearly subscription with manutd online.i do hope i can the required posts to start viewing.up man u.
I run my own site and l do think this system has to be put into place and you have actually been pretty nice for it to only be 5!
Thank You

But I think 5 is enough
I think it is a good idea.
Initially I just wanted to get the link to the live matches and started to Post comments just for that reason but after a couple I started to get more interested and started to read what others have posted. I now realise that it is a very good way to share views and opinions and look forward to using the forum in the future

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