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New 5 Post System
Its not the site because I use the site on my PC and on my iphone and it flys along it must be your internet
New system where you can now buy 5 Posts for £5 and when you buy them you get access to a lot more things

see here for more
the new system is really good it aows people that really cheer for man u to get a nice comunity backup
sorry i forgot to add that it helps the community to get rid of unwanted people
I think it is a good system to get people to put what they are thinking about the team. Good Job!
Good idea .. stops spam and creates a postive community feeling!
it's a good way to encourage posting and to keep the forum active.
The five post system seems a bit hard but i guess it ensures that people are really interested in this site and not just snooping for free matches!!
Man United fans can be happy to have this site, and the five post system ensures that feeds are kept alive and forums don't die!!
Well said Dazza and it is good to see you have poted a fair amount.
I think it's a good idea to have 5 posts. It doesn't take that long to do it and it also gives us all a great opportunity to share our views and read other Reds ideas, thoughts, etc. It did take me a while to get to 5, simply because I went to quite a few games last season. This season will be different, due to reduced hours at work, so will watch more on PC. Off to Community Shield having said that! Great site, thanks.
yea it's good idea

but I hate the way that people only post 5 times then keep coming back and not contrabuting to the community.

Come on people become reguler members

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