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New Kit. Did You Buy It?
With respect to an old thread about this season's kit, I just wondered how many fans actually went out and bought any of the new shirts, knowing that they will change next season? I think that most people have come to like the new shirts - I said MOST, not all, of course - but just wondered how many forked out?

The original thread (now closed) was here:

Me? Well, I usually buy (or am bought) a shirt or 2. I didn't this year, specifically because the sponsors change at the end of this year and the same style shirts will be used, with new name.
Yes, I am also having to cut down on spending, anyway, due to work, etc.
Next season should be different.
i bought both as I was a bit flush at the time but I always buy at least the home one as you look out of place sitting in OT without shirt on

only the yuppie business people dont wear the shirt
I wore a 1970's retro shirt (Best, 7) that the other half bought as a gift. No shirt and tie for this non yuppy! She's good, cos I also have 1958 FA cup final shirt, 1963 FA cup final and '68 retro tops to wear.
yea the megastore sells away at them retro kit was looking at the website there might order a few, be nice to have
Watch the sizes on the retro kits. Mine were from Toffs. OK for length, etc. but the necks seems enormous!!

Have a look at these beauties!
theres a link

Asda did the '77 shirt (can't remember who produced it) but these were awful. I remember having this shirt - full kit in fact, when I was a kid. I had the socks right up to couple of years ago. Hey, things were made to last in those days!
Like the black one. But price is too high.

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