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Old Trafford "Stinks"
United are trying bizarre tactic to rid their ground of worms!!

[Image: 1219643.large.jpg]
A new playing surface costing up to £200,000 is to be laid for next season but first the groundstaff must drive out critters who fed on previous one's roots

Manchester United have created a stink – by lacing the Old Trafford pitch with garlic to remove worms from their new playing surface, writes Steve Bates in the Sunday People.

The Red Devils’ ground-staff have sprayed the entire pitch with a strong garlic liquid to aid the development of the new grass being installed for next season.

Visitors on the popular stadium tour were met with a strong aroma and were amazed to discover the pitch had been sprayed with garlic.

The move is to fight off parasitic roundworms, which live in the loose sand under the pitch and can ruin the surface.

Before the new pitch – which can cost up to £200,000 – can be laid, the worm problem had to be controlled, so award-winning head groundsman Tony Sinclair and his staff put down the garlic to bring out the worms.

The strong aroma filters down through the soil, deterring the worms from attacking the new grass roots.

One visitor to the ground said: “It was a real strong smell of garlic – you couldn’t mistake it.

The odour will be gone by the time Van Gaal's troops play on the pitch

”We were told it wouldn’t be there at the start of the season because you definitely wouldn’t want to be a player on the pitch playing with that smell.”
What a strange thing to do. I went on the tour not so long ago, so real happy that there was no garlic then!
Ha ha. yeah, I've done the tour 3 times, but never in the close season. I guess this justifies that decision, lol

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