Poll: Which option should Ronaldo take?
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Stay at the club and be paid his salary but be banished to the reserves
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Apologise to the club, the team, the fans, everyone for everything he said in the interview
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Sue the club to be released from his contract
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Ask to be released from his contract and accept a simple ‘drop hand’s outcome and part ways with the club paying him nothing
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Open letter to CR7
Dear Ronnie

I’ve been a MU fan for the last 50+ years and write this as a lifelong MU fan.

Thank you for returning to Utd even though I wasn't totally thrilled when I heard you were coming back. 

Thank you for helping the club achieve all that it achieved before you left for Madrid but the club hasn’t achieved anything since you came back as we all know.

Why say you’re being forced out of the club now just as there is no point saying it was an open secret that you wanted to leave before the start of the season?

Why say you’re being forced out of the club unless you still want to stay? Either way your contract ends in 6 months so what is to be achieved by saying you’re being forced out?

Can we agree that it’s in your interest to leave in January? I can’t speak for the club but I suspect the club will also agree that it’s in the club’s (and team’s) interest that you leave.

So, if it’s in everyone’s interest that you leave in January why not just ask the Club if you can just leave?

Oh. You want to be paid the rest of your salary for the remaining 6 months? That’s a totally different thing.

You want to leave AND be paid for not staying? Isn’t that called having your cake and eating it?

If you love the club as much as you say you do why ask the club to pay you on top of letting you leave?

Don’t you see that if the club agrees to let you cancel your contract the money that you would have been entitled to for the rest of your contract can be spent buying a replacement forward?

What are your options then?

These seems to be the only options :

a.      Stay at the club and be paid your salary but be banished to the reserves;
b.      Apologise to the club, the team, the fans, everyone for everything you said in the interview;
c.      Sue the club to be released from your contract;
d.      Ask to be released from your contract and accept a simple ‘drop hand’s outcome and part ways with the club paying you nothing.

Let’s be clear, even if there was the slightest chance the club would have agreed to let you leave AND pay you your salary for the remaining months of your contract you blew that up when you gave that interview. 

You’ve made a rod for your own back by trying to back the club into a corner because the club can never agree to letting you leave and paying out your contract if the same thing can happen with another player.

We know options a and b aren’t acceptable to you.

With option c by the time the case comes up for trial you would already have left the club.

Looks like option d is you only realistic option unless you want to go down option c when you have your family to think about. 

What shall it be Ronnie? 

Warmest regards and good luck in Qatar.

Just another lifelong MU fan
PS poll question - Which option should Ronnie take? a,b, c or d?
Great letter. Very well worded and probably sums up just how all United fans are feeling at the moment.

Personally, with his legend status guaranteed from his first stint, I would hope he would do some of b - maybe there is some truth in what he is saying (just the wrong time and wrong vehicle to say it) and d. Not exactly setting the World on fire at the end of his career, sadly.

Thanks for the memories Ronnie, but you are either part of the solution or part of the problem.

I can't vote in the poll, as it states: "You cannot vote in a poll that has been closed."

player feelings starting to show. There is a clip on SSN that has Bruno meeting up with Ronnie in the dressing room and Ronnie looking surprised when Bruno doesn't show him the love. Not sure if this link will work:

Very well put letter and as nou said , pretty much sums up the feelings of the majority of the fans that support United (not the christiano fan club). The timing of the interview being bought to light only benefits Ronnie, going away to the World Cup, knowing he more than likely wont be playing for us again. Ten haag has done nothing but show respect to Ronaldo when it really wasn’t deserved, refusing to come on as a sub, leaving the stadium before the game was over, making it public he wanted to leave in the summer. Although he was our top scorer last season and maybe our best player? The way it was set up was to suit him, we played only to find that pass to Ronaldo, there was no real game plan, just find Ronaldo and we suffered because of that. The only part of that interview that had any positives would be the fact that he spoke about the facilities, stadium etc and quite frankly he is right in that regard money needs to be spent on the stadium, training facilities and much more we are falling behind in that department. As happy as I was to see Ronnies return I do think it is time to part ways. Personally I would like to see him take options B and D but because of his egotistical ways I think he will do what it takes to get out of the club (as the interview has highlighted) taking the stupid amount of money for his salary with him. Looking for better times ahead now, with ETH building an exciting squad. GGMU the reds go marching on!!
He wants everything his own way. But yes, I do agree that the stadium needs attention. For far too long, United have been looking at developing the Sir Bobby Charlton stand, but all they do is keep talking about it. I think that if they build a new stadium - like Spurs did - then they would lose all the parking allowed, due to Government rules. But if they redevelop, it doesn't count.

Not sure about the training facilities, but when you look at the campus that Citeh and spurs set up, really close to the ground, then we are miles behind. Why do the U23s and ladies play at Leigh Sports Village for example? Develop the ground and add a 'baby' Old Trafford next door for togetherness

But ultimately, Ronnie has closed this chapter on his career. Be interesting what the lawyers say!

I tell you what, listening to some of the interview with the World's biggest sicophant, Piers Morgan (jeez, does he kiss arse or what??) Ronnie is super hypocritical. He slates Gary Nev and Wazza for criticising him, when what he is doing is, er, criticising them?!? Really weird.
I watched part 1 last night and jeez, does Morgan get right up Ronnie's backside??? For a gooner, he had a lot of interest (apparently) in United and they are such good friends. it all felt so fake and false. Deffo engineering his way out of United.

I do feel for him with his personal life and the troubles he had with his partner and the loss of their baby, but using that as an example of how the Club is against him is just awful. He came with accusations, but no solid evidence. He has been badly advised on this interview.
Option d it is then. Thank you CR7 and good luck.
Ronaldo said: "Following conversations with Manchester United we have mutually agreed to end our contract early.

"I love Manchester United and I love the fans, that will never ever change. However, it feels like the right time for me to seek a new challenge.

"I wish the team every success for the remainder of the season and for the future." 

Ta ta

United said:  "Cristiano Ronaldo is to leave Manchester United by mutual agreement, with immediate effect.
"The club thanks him for his immense contribution across two spells at Old Trafford, scoring 145 goals in 346 appearances, and wishes him and his family well for the future.
"Everyone at Manchester United remains focused on continuing the team's progress under Erik ten Hag and working together to deliver success on the pitch."

it never rains, but it poors for Ronaldo:

Ronaldo suspended for two games by FA
Cristiano Ronaldo has been suspended for two matches by the FA, fined £50,000 and warned as to his future conduct after an incident at Everton in April.

Ronaldo, who cut ties with Manchester United just yesterday, was seen in a video appearing to knock a fan's mobile phone to the ground.

The incident happened after Manchester United's 1-0 defeat at Goodison Park on April 9, for which the Portuguese international was cautioned by Merseyside Police.

The FA said: "An independent Regulatory Commission found that his conduct was both improper and violent during a subsequent hearing, and imposed these sanctions."

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