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PS3 Chat
I would assume so because ive streamed videos from other sites through my ps3 but the lag on a ps3 is awful
it is because iv watched a few games on the ps3.
Have you watched United games on the PS3? I just wonder, as I tried a while back, but the programs weren't supported. Did you have to download other software to do it, or did you watch through the PS3 IE?
i just used the stream here worked fine,
Oh, ok. I'll give it a go the next time I use the stream, just to see how good it is on there. I wonder if it matters what memory you have on the PS3?
i think the latest update included some software that allows you to watch live streaming
i like the ps3 for bbc i player its handy enough
I watched barca v real on my ps3 right here on MUP using the live player

that works on my ps3
i watch a lot of of stuff on the ps3, ill post a few links if thats ok with steve
My nickname in PlayStation Network is Sypher324, add me if you need some thing.

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