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PS3 or XBox360?
takes time alright especially if on a rant
I bet you have a keyboard, really? Right? I have a wireless one, but the bluetooth dongle thingy takes up one of the 2 USB slots on the front. My cooling fan the other. I went to buy a vertical stand with 2 USB slots from E-Bay, but the silly twat was selling them for the PS3 slim! It's not fair that he took my money immediately; I then waited nearly 2 weeks for the thing to be delivered; it arrives and is wrong so now I have to wait for a refund. Today they tell me another 1-2 days! Thieving b******s!
yea, sucks when people rip u off.
i dont have any, but i like xbox, i got the old one tho, but the controllers broke. xbox live is good but xbox 360 is really unreliable, especially the controllers.
no keyboard, just the controller, man, my thumbs get some workout
Still think we should organise a Fifa World Cup up at the clubhouse , charge a quid to enter and play the games on plasma screens , what a superb night . Bar and Buffet what more could you ask for ?
I'm not sure we could invite all our friends on here, but they would be welcome, lol! Yeah, we should do it, but it would have to be in place of training for a freebie hire.
we should all have our own private cod MW2 team deatmatch night ehh?
The best so far is the PS3 with it's raw graphics and processing power, impressive reliability rate (PS3 only has a failure rate of 16%, Wii has 4-8% and the Xbobx 360 a staggering 56% as documented by various gaming community) and it's impressive line up of diverse exclusives, unlike it's rival Xbox 360's bland, non-diverse exclusives which is 99% shooter games *pukes*. I say "so far" as we all know new generations will come out sooner or later.
xbox is way better than ps3!
X box all the way for a gamer like myself. Both new consoles look like they have great user interface but I prefer the RPGs that Microsoft release.

It is a tough call though as neither come cheap.

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