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Pes vs Fifa
I've got PES on the PS3 now after playing both on the computer. People tell me that FIFA on consoles is better, didn't want to take the risk!
Pes is the best and playing the master league now its not too far behind
PES graphics are better but fifa gameplay is better i never did play fifa till i picked up fifa 10 i stress i was always pro evo daft but pro evo 2008 was a big let down but they got it together with 2009 now 2010 is just really bog standard stuff konami servers are awful for online play and i have 8 meg connection.
what always annoyed me bout pes was the fake names
I guess it all comes down to personal choice, eh? Which is why there's a poll, lol!
I think there is somthing you can download to get the names of the internet not sure were you can get them but if someone knows share it Smile
but pes10 is 100000 tmies better than fifa 10...

fifa 09 is better Smile

in pes10 Rooney looks super cool and realestic... and ovr 93 Wink
Yeah Rooney has a super shot in it dosnt he!
like in real life
As I said. personal choice.

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