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Porto V Arsenal
yeah well we did it to lille in the champions league when giggsy took a free kick and the ref allowed it. the goal stood. not a similar circumstance but we did catch the opposition off guard and scored
i wish we need a UEFA draw vs Arsenal if "they" qualify XD LOL

just humiliate them.... in home and away

Hulk was very quiet in tat match.. hope he cruise down arse in home game.. and i love ot see mariano to start .. he will also give hard time to arse
Hulk has been banned in Portugal after a fight in the tunnel, so wasn't match fit. For someone not 100% fit, I actually thought he caused them lots of problems. Imagine what wazza would do to them, though!!?
we missed campbell in last match vs utd! ... wazza will try some new skillz around campbell... if fabi keeper again wazza can shoot while closing his eyes LOL

porto away always touf.... bt wazza's form can rattle anyone

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