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Posting Contest [Warning: Money Prizes]
Hello Man Utd People,

As it is getting very quiet in here these days, we decided to encourage our members to speak their minds and to get the website busy.

There will be a posting contest starts Monday and ends on Sunday each week with money prizes. Wink

Contest Rules:

- Contest starts Monday and ends Sunday each week.
- Posts have to be meaningful and must have your opinion. Not just copy/paste, "thank you" or "I agree" kind of posts. Tongue
- Posts will be judged be me or Noucamp99 and useless posts will be deleted.

- There will be 2 winners weekly. 1st winner is the member who have the highest number of posts through the past week.
- 2nd winner will be chosen randomly.
- Winners must have at least 10 posts through the past week to qualify.
- Winners will be announced on Monday each week.
- Anyone can participate (including mods, but mods can't win the 1st prize).

Weekly Prizes:

- 1st Winner: £5.00 PayPal. Cool
- 2nd Winner: £5.00 PayPal. Cool

*Try to create your own threads instead of just replying to other threads.
*Every week we need to get 200+ posts otherwise prize will be cancelled for this week.
*This week's contest already started, get in!

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Posting Contest [Warning: Money Prizes] - by ManUtdPeople - 24-06-2014, 09:01 PM

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