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I have seen that no one really uses the reputation feature we have.

When you see someone and they have made a great post I think that you should give them a reputation point (or 2).

To do this look at the right of the post for,

[Image: 1zzj6mu.jpg]

Then press the bold number until you get this page,

[Image: 2zyls8n.jpg]

Then press the rate user and give them Reputation,

I want to see more users with reps on here from now on.

You can all start by giving me some for making this Wink
hey, thanks for using me as an example! a reputation point fot you then!

just one question...can you see who gave youthe reputation point?
yea when you press the button on the post you can see there rep and who gave it and the comment they gave.

You can see your own by going to your profile and pressing your rep
the reps are flying around the place good idea making this thread Stevoooooo
i have 0 repuatation Sad haha
(08-09-2009, 08:21 PM)donlerz Wrote: i have 0 repuatation Sad haha

Not anywaymore I gave you 2 for being active all whole time
aww thanks mate i apprecatit!!!
you can always send some back Wink
(08-09-2009, 08:26 PM)unitedman Wrote: you can always send some back Wink

tut tut asking for reps is lowwwwww

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